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Using Zoom to join one of my new online art classes is easy. Once you register for a class I will send you the link to join and then you're just one click away from participating.  You just need a laptop or Ipad and a space to create (kitchen table works.)  Unwind, tune out the craziness of the world and create your own colourful world with me and kindred spirits.  You need no prior experience to enjoy any of these online art workshops. 

You will feel better and have more energy...

Creativity is the bomb! (just sayin).


Times are for Alberta, Canada, 'Mountain Time' or MT for short - check what that is for your location.  Most workshops are in the morning or early afternoon in North America which is late afternoon or early evening in the UK/Europe. 

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'Wallpaper Tapestry!' 3 part Mixed Media Magic Workshop

Saturday  31 July, 2021   10.30am - 12-12.30pm* 

Saturday   7 Aug, 2021    10.30am - 12-12.30pm* 

Saturday  14 Aug, 2021    10.30am - 12-12.30pm* 

*(finishing time varies depending how many is in the class) 

Learn how to work with mixed media in lots of innovative and fabulous ways that will allow your creativity to really flourish - this workshop is loads of fun!  It's in 3 parts, each session will last between an hour and a half and 2 hours, depending on how many are in the class.

Make your own 'tapestry' using 5-foot-long textured wallpaper — it's the perfect long surface on which to apply acrylic paint in expressive ways -adding collaged elements with eclectic printed papers & ephemera, and finishing with symbolic words and glitzy details.

No previous experience necessary, there will be loads of demo's by me to show you how to do everything. 🙂 So no worries, book your spot!

There will also be lots of 'check-in's' to make sure everyone is happily creating as well as opportunities to ask questions and inspire each other! 

This pic (below) is another student work from an in-person 'wallpaper tapestry' workshop.

This pic (right) is what one of my students created in a previous in-person 'wallpaper tapestry' workshop (detail).

betty wallpaper tapesty.jpg

1st session: Letting go and letting it rip! A bit literally actually as we will be tearing up collage papers and adding paint in some fast paced and free flowing ways to get your mojo going!  If time we will start with the main image (face) and more.

2nd session: We will add the face (if not already) and begin embellishing with stencils and fun collaged elements.

3rd session: We will add words, finishing details and whatever your bespoke tapestry needs to make your heart sing!

How it goes:

1st wallpaper tapestry workshop detail,

Once you register you will receive the suggested supply list (along with where to get them) and 11 pages of FREE printable imagery to use in your mixed media magical tapestry, including 7 different faces to choose from. 

Spaces limited to 12 participants.  Your investment is $79 (about US$65) for all 3 sessions.

Click here to register your place in this workshop.  

'Create Your Own Oracle Deck!' 

Saturday  18 September, 2021 - 10.30am -12pm* 
Saturday  25 September, 2021  - 10.30am -12pm 
Saturday   2 October, 2021      - 10.30am -12pm 

*Finishing times may vary depending how many are in the class. 🙂

Create your very own mixed media oracle cards using simple yet effective techniques that anyone can learn. The value of using oracle cards in your life is magnified when you have created each card yourself - nothing fits you and your own soul journey better!  This is a 3 part 'live' workshop and in our first session I will give an overview of creating an oracle deck and the difference between using oracle cards verses tarot.  In our first session we will begin by collaging our backgrounds and beginning to create our unique oracle deck.  


You will learn how to find the words and images that speak directly to you.  You will also learn how to put it all together, including various ways of adding the words and images, giving your cards real meaning - that's just perfect for you!

create your own oracle deck cards (1) (2

In our second session we will spend time checking in to see how each of us is creating our cards and I can give individual feedback.  There are various factors that make an oracle deck work and you'll receive direct guidance, making it easy for you to bring it all together.  It is also wonderful for all of us to be both inspired and encouraged as we see what each of us is uniquely creating.  As we continue working on our deck together in our virtual classroom, I will demonstrate how to add some fun finishing details to your cards.

Then in our final session together as you complete your deck, you will learn the different ways that you can use your cards to uplift and inspire yourself every day.  I will share with you the ways I use my own oracle cards for meaningful guidance and also tell you where and how to get your oracle deck published if you'd like to get some printed.  Space is limited to 12 participants to ensure adequate individual attention and the cost is C$79 (about US$65) for all 3 sessions.  

Once you have booked I will send you the Zoom link and basic supply list right away, (usually the same day).

To book your spot click here. 

Cosmic Shenanigans Paintastic


Juicy 5-part online Zoom art workshop, dates are:

Saturday  9 October, 2021

Saturday 16 October, 2021

Saturday 23 October, 2021

Saturday 30 October, 2021

Saturday 6 November, 2021

time: 10.30am - 12.30pm (Alberta/MT)

*check the time for your location!

In this new workshop I will be spilling all the secrets and tips and showing you how to let go of your fears and embrace the magic that lies within you when you unleash your creativity fearlessly on a big canvas or other surface of your choice!

cosmic shananigans paintastic workshop piece.jpg

It's a mixed media workshop because you will learn how to incorporate paper collage (such as tissue papers, napkins, patterned/printed papers) as well as how to use acrylic paint in lots of different ways that are fun!

This workshop is perfect for you if: have never painted or done mixed media before. have fears regarding your creativity or talent. wish to unleash your inner artist! wish to have fun and forget about your worldly worries! wish to remember the joy you felt when you were a kid who loved to play. want to learn new techniques to make your creative life richer. want to meet kindred spirits in a safe non-judgmental environment.

... you're feeling stuck in your life or your art practice and just want to Let Go!


So, why is this workshop Cosmic? Because when you unleash your creativity and move beyond any old beliefs holding you back, you will be flying in the midnight sky baby!  You will feel as expansive as the cosmos, no rocketship needed (just a few art supplies and me to guide your astronomical journey). 

It's gonna be Paintastic!  

Some of the things that you will learn in this course that will unlock

your potential include:

* discovering the joy of intuitive art making!

* learning how to begin...

* learning how to keep going when you feel stuck... 

* learning how to tune in and express your joy!

* unfolding your unique intuitive painting style...

* learning key techniques to empower your flow...

* learning how to trust yourself and go for it!

All my classes are 'live' to ensure the magic of our presence together, our group camaraderie and ability to be inspired by others and be supported as we all unfold our creative wings together.  Also you will have me there in the moment to help guide you specifically and you will also get to see everyone else's journey unfold in real time.  Take the plunge and unleash your joy on a big canvas or surface of your choice and be amazed by what a wondrously creative being you really are! Your investment in yourself, your life and your creativity in signing up for this 5 part workshop is C$129 (about US$102).  Spaces are limited - don't miss out - you can book your spot right here

When you book your spot I'll send you the Zoom link and supply list (usually the same day).

As a fun freebie, at the end of each session, I will pull an oracle card (from a bespoke deck I made myself) to help guide & uplift you in the week ahead.  So each person will receive a free personal mini oracle reading every week!  When you register your spot in this mixed media course you will also receive 5 FREE printable pages of collage images for you to use! I have carefully selected some fab images including (some retro) flowers, birds, stars (of course), a crescent moon and a few other quirky things (a surprise!) for you to use in your own cosmic shenanigans as you paintastic your own creation!

Questions or concerns? Message me via my contact me page here or via my Instagram.