Reclaim your creative mojo with me no matter where you are in the world. Using Zoom to join one of my new online art classes is super easy - really!  Once you register for the class you're interested in, I will send you the link to join and then you're just one click away from participating!  You just need a laptop or Ipad and a space to create (kitchen table works.)  Unwind, tune out the craziness of the world and create your own colourful world with me and kindred spirits. You need no prior experience to enjoy my new online art workshops

If you have never participated in online togetherness in this way, fear not, for it is truly very easy to do - and so much fun to be creative with others in this way.  I was amazed how good the first session I ran online was - and I love that my teaching ability has now expanded worldwide!  I have made some workshops at different times, for people in different time zones.  All times below are local to Alberta or Mountain Time (MT) so check the equivalent time for your location.  All workshops will have a limited number of people to provide the right amount of group camaraderie as well as individual attention.  Due to the current world situation I have discounted the price of all my workshops.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Wallpaper Tapestry 2 part Super fun mixed media online workshop

Part 1: Saturday 30 May, 2020  10am-1pm (MT)

Part 2: Sunday   31 May, 2020   10am-1pm  (MT)

Learn how to work with mixed media in a flowing and fast-paced way that will allow your creativity to really flourish!

Upon registration, you will receive several collage sheets to print off (I will email them to you including a choice of main face image; eg. a buddha, vintage woman/man, goddess, Egyptian etc) and some extra images to use as well (birds, flowers, etc) which will be your main images to use in the online class, along with the supply list.  I will also tell you where to find some bespoke images of your own to use in this class.

You will make your own 'tapestry' using 5-foot-long textured wallpaper (you can buy some second-hand or from the hardware store) — the perfect long surface on which to apply acrylic paint in expressive ways, adding collaged elements with eclectic printed papers & ephemera, and finishing with symbolic words and glitzy

details.  No art experience necessary, come and have someonline fun with others!

Cost is C$35. There is a maximum of 12 per class - book your spot here!

Create Your Own Oracle Deck online workshop

Part 1: Monday 1 June, 2020  10.30am-12.30pm (MT)

Part 2: Tuesday 2 June, 2020   10.30am-12.30pm(MT)

This is a popular mixed media workshop with added personal meaning.  Once you register you will be sent some collage sheets of images to use in creating your deck and a supply list.

I will also tell you where to find some bespoke images of your own to use in this class.  Learn how to tune in to your intuition to create your very own oracle cards using simple yet effective techniques.  You will be guided on how to find the words and images that speak directly to you.  In this online class, we will begin by collaging the backgrounds and images, then adding words to your cards, giving them real meaning that's simply perfect for you.  The techniques are simple and the fun part is making them unique and personal.  

Enjoy adding the finishing details to your bespoke oracle deck - and learn how easy it is to use it to guide, uplift and inspire yourself every day! This is a very popular class and one of my personal favourites. Cost is C$35. There is a maximum of 12 per class.  Book your spot here.

'Intuitive Mandalas' mixed media workshop

Part1 : Saturday 5 June, 2020  10.30am-12.30pm (MT)

Part 2: Sunday 6 June, 2020  10.30am -12.30pm (MT)

Upon registration I will send you the supply list for this online workshop which includes your choice of either a canvas board or birch panel as the substrate and bright acrylics.

This is a relaxing online class and we will go step by step at a gentle pace to create our freehand mandalas.  I will demonstrate how to begin, how to create areas of pattern and how to bring in vibrant colours that work harmoniously.  You will learn a little colour theory and why complementary colours bring balance.  In the second part of this workshop we will make sure there is some contrast and enjoy all the finishing details to make our mandalas both engaging and sustaining.  Max 12 per class and cost is $30.   Click here to book your spot!

'Goddess Painting' 3-part Online Workshop

Part 1: Monday 8 June, 2020  10.30am-12.30pm (MT) 

Part 2: Tuesday 9 June, 2020  10.30am-12.30pm(MT)  Part 3: Wednesday 10 June, 2020  10.30am-12.30pm(MT)

Tune in to your inner Goddess as we begin by unleashing our creativity on the first layers.  I will demonstrate how to let go and have fun painting the luscious background layers in our first session together on Monday.  The next morning we will continue by painting the basic shape of our beautiful divine feminine imagery and I will show you how to keep it super simple if you're a complete newbie, so that you won't feel intimidated and your brush strokes will flow...  Finally in our last session on Wednesday you will learn how to bring in your favourite colours and add the finishing details so that you're super happy with your completed painting.  Upon registration, you will receive the supply list, which includes your choice of substrate (i.e. paint on a canvas or watercolour paper

or even alength of wallpaper).  Cost is C$35. There is a maximum of 12 per class - book your spot here!

Personal Shrine workshop

Saturday 13th June, 2020  10am-2pm (MT)

Mixed media saints & angels online art workshop.  We will go together step by step to create this gorgeous mixed media icon piece that holds special meaning for you.  Upon registration, you will receive a template and instructions on how to create your simple substrate and a supply list.  I will email you the main collage images and a list of the other supplies you'll need.

There is a maximum of 12 places in this class.  Cost is: $35.

To book your spot click here

Juicy Intuitive Painting 

Wednesday 17 June, 2020  6-8pm

Discover the joy of free playful expression and the fun of intuitive painting. You can paint with colourful acrylics in your art journal, on paper or on canvas. Learn lots of different techniques and how to create juicy layers that look awesome - in the privacy of your own home and with awesome kindred spirits!  No art experience necessary.

You get to paint in your pj's if you want!

Supply list provided upon registration. Places are limited!  Cost is C$25. There's a maximum of 12 per class - book your spot here...

Mixed Media Collage workshop 

Saturday 20th June, 2020 10am-2pm (MT)

A supply list will be sent to you upon registration along with where to source some images and ephemera to use in your artwork.  You will have the choice of working on a birch panel (using gesso to prepare the surface) or work on a canvas. I prefer the firm birch panels for collage but it's up to you - I'll show you how to work with both.

Learn how to prepare a birch panel with gesso (if that's your choice of surface) or how to collage on a canvas.  You will learn how to select collage papers and images that work harmoniously with similar tones and how to overlap them in a way that's aesthetically pleasing.  We will have fun using other media to add layers of interest, such as using tissue papers, acrylic paint, gel markers, and artist quality soluble crayons.  The cost is $30 and there's a maximum of 12 in this class.  To book your spot click here.


'Our Lady of Guadalupe'

Saturday 27 June, 2020 10am-2pm (MT)

Mixed media iconic online workshop in which we shall begin with preparing the surface with gesso and collaging the base layer.  We will add Our Lady of Guadalupe as the main focus.  I will demonstrate how to add her crown and the flowers and how to tint the work with acrylic paint that is translucent.  Finish with some glitter and/or stars to complete your artwork.  Upon registration you will be sent several collage sheets to print off (including the main icon image) and a supply list for the other things you'll need.

The cost is $30 and there is a maximum of 12 in the class.  To book your spot click here.

Art Parties Online! Great for Birthdays, Workplace Team Building & Private Events...

Online Art Sessions Available via the Zoom platform - easy to use and fun to do!


This is a great way to connect with people in a new fun way - get together online - it works!  Being creative is also well documented to relieve stress, improve feelings of well-being and promote out-of-the-box thinking - so that when you do go back to work, you'll find that new creative solutions to problems may well appear!  I can also taylor make the workshop to suit your theme and you can decide whether your group will make one big artwork or individual smaller ones.  Please contact me to discuss what would best suit you and let's conjure up some creative magic online mojo!


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