Using Zoom to join one of my new online art classes is super easy. Once you register for a class I will send you the link to join and then you're just one click away from participating, no matter where you are in the world.  You just need a laptop or Ipad and a space to create (kitchen table works.)  Unwind, tune out the craziness of the world and create your own colourful world with me and kindred spirits.  You need no prior experience to enjoy my new online art workshops.  Times are for Alberta, Canada, 'Mountain Time' or MT for short - check what that is for your location.  Most workshops are in the morning in North America which is late afternoon or early evening in the UK/Europe. 


It is well documented that being creative has many health benefits; it reduces anxiety, depression & stress and promotes feelings of well-being and inner calm.  As someone who has practiced being creative for many years, I can also tell you that it can do more than just that - it can lead you into magical, alchemical and most marvelous spaces!  This 5 week course combines intuitive painting and mixed media techniques to unleash your creativity and connect you to a deeper flow.  In committing to a 5 week live online class, you are already half way there in terms of manifesting true creative freedom and doing it in a group means greater support and camaraderie, which we all need now more than ever.  These sessions are live and not recorded to make it all more real, present and connective.  Not only will we explore different techniques each week, but we will

Doctor of Paint Medicine E-Course - 5 weekly sessions - Saturday 24 October - 21 November, 2020

also be delving a little deeper within to dismantle subconscious self sabotaging beliefs that prevent us from unfolding our wings and flying through our creative process and through life... You'll see how your art practice is reflected in your life and there will be a prescription  at the end of each class to help bring what you are learning

into other areas of your daily life between our creativity sessions. 

I will be sharing lots of techniques and practical demo's as well as sharing personal tips that continue to help me to stay inspired & creative.  As the course progresses the magic within you shall increasingly manifest in the art you are creating without - as you work on your choice of an art journal, on canvas, gessoed birch panel, or on watercolour or mixed media paper.  In our trusted group, we shall share our realizations and breakthroughs which will help us all to raise our vibration - for real.  All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners.  At the start of each class there will be a mini meditation to drop deeper into the here and now, giving us a clear space from which to allow our free flow of creativity.  There will be plenty of demo's, opportunities for questions, individual attention and time to share our process with the group. 

You will end up with 1 - 3 finished artworks at the end of the course, depending on your personal rhythm and how active you are between sessions.

Course Outline:

week 1: Loosen up with intuitive painting techniques and collage to create fabulous backgrounds as you learn about colour harmony, balance and dialogue.

week 2: Learn the deeper flow of connecting with your process, the value of commitment and flexibility and how to change what you don't like - giving you a greater sense of creative freedom. 

week 3: Discover the power of words via a brief writing exercise, from which you will draw to incorporate into your artwork, giving greater meaning and added interested to your mixed media creations.

week 4: In this session you'll learn why Bold is Gold, how to stay loose, embrace 'happy accidents,' appreciate the process and your individual journey.

week 5: Learn the different ways to give your artworks finishing details, so relaxing and enjoyable at the end of our course - and I will give you lots of tips on how to keep your creative heartbeat alive and flourishing!  You will likely make some fabulous new friendships on this 5 week journey as well.

The classes will be at the same time each week on a Saturday 10.30am to 12.30pm. Finishing time may vary slightly depending on class numbers. Times are for Alberta (MT) time - which is morning in North America, evening in UK/Europe - please check the time for your own location. The dates are:

Saturday  24 October 

Saturday  31 October

Saturday  7 November 

Saturday  14 November  

Saturday  21 November  

The cost is: C$100 (about US$75) for all 5 sessions.

Your link to join via Zoom will be sent you upon booking along with a supply list. 

All participants will receive a bonus free one-on-one personal follow up session with me via Zoom.  There is a maximum of 12 places in this course, to ensure that magical group camaraderie as well as to give enough individual attention to all participants.  Book your spot right here.

Chakra Art E-course - 7 weeks, every Sunday starting 25 October and ends

on 8 December, 2020  The time is 10.30am-12.30pm Alberta (or MT) time.

I'm excited to offer this mixed media online e-course as it's combines the spiritual truths of our chakra energy centers with the joy of creativity in a fun and unique way.  Together, we will focus on a new chakra each Sunday, creating a mixed media wheel that has meaning and includes words that speak directly to you.

You will learn what each chakra represents and focus on wellness by seeing what comes up for you as you answer the little quiz I will present each week and then incorporating positive words that will help you to balance that chakra and have it spinning happily in your life.  I was amazed when I did the demo piece for this

e-course in how it helped bring awareness to that area of my life and bring out the higher version of what that chakra represents - it works! 

Each week we will begin with a mini guided meditation to help us to go within, feel relaxed and ready for our group creativity session. Then you will spontaneously answer some questions in order to see where you're at regarding the properties of each chakra and what is true for you.  We will begin our circular artwork on watercolour or mixed media paper (or in your art journal if you prefer) and I will give clear demo's every step of the way as well as regular 'check-in's' to make sure everyone is happily creating their chakra wheel. You will learn how to work with different textures, acrylic paint, collage papers, stencils and other mixed media, including different ways to add the words, making a unique artwork that will directly affect your own well-being. Don't we all need this in our lives right now more than ever? We are all going through so much, and working on our chakras in a supportive and nurturing group is a wonderful way to support ourselves as we all continue to transform individually and collectively.  We will meet 'live' and in person each week online, rather than have recorded sessions to watch alone - so you will need to show up each week in order to real group                                                               to help with any issues or practical

camaraderie as well as having me there

maximize the benefit of

  diffiulties in real time.

 The EARLY BIRD PRICE is: C$120 (about US$90) - for all 7 sessions and space is limited as always to 12   spots. Click here to register and I will send you the zoom links and supply list usually the same day. 

© 2020 Shanti George, Canada

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