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Summer 2023                         17 August, 2023

How are you doing, dear creative soul?  We are all being put through our paces and challenged to up our game, spiritually speaking and, as the world continues to get weirder, I thought I'd offer a sweet pic of sunflowers in my garden and a few words.  Although it's difficult to be living through these changes, to me it's really a gift and opportunity to be here now and to choose a higher path, a lighter path, even when it seems pretty dark...

As higher frequencies are coming in to the planet it's bringing up a lot of stuff to transcend.  For me the most recent realization is the loss of the dream of owning a vintage campervan as it's just too costly to keep fixing it up and living rurally I need a more reliable vehicle.. Such difficult situations are an opportunity to

let go, to not hold onto any stories and to process any emotional attachments quickly so as to realign with a fundamentally peaceful vibe.  My beloved chevy van will be going up for sale in a few weeks' time.  To me, it's the vibe that matters the most and to come from something higher we cannot hold onto painful little self stories; to live as a higher self we need to live letting go.  I think it's ok to go for what we want; such as enjoying fixing up an old campervan and living out a gypsy artist lifestyle, but it's not fundamentally who I am - we are all so much more than the roles we play! Sometimes things get taken away, in order for us to recognize we don't truly need them and to humbly accept that we cannot control everything - and it's probably for the best, even when it doesn't seem like it.  It's also about having faith in something higher, something greater, whatever name you choose to give that; God, Great Spirit - something greater than our little self image..  It's time to come out of the box; out of the false matrix and to live fundamentally from a place of peace and love - to help to bring that higher vibe to the planet is the only game in town, so to speak..

I'm still being creative and currently I've been playing around with painting small items of furniture, giving them a colourful, bohemian look.  Painting makes me happy... and so does letting go of what's not in my control (or not working out the way I'd hoped) it's all part of the journey and everything can take us home and take us higher when we choose to keep doing our best and keep moving forward even when facing difficulties. 

Wishing you happy late summer days in the north and happy Spring in the southern hemisphere!

Sending sweet sunflower vibes your way today,



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In Person Workshops        3 March, 2023

It's time for a little bit of Soul Sister Blogging as time continues to fly by and, although there is still snow on the ground outside my cottage, somehow spring is in the air...  Perhaps it's because I spent several hours today planting seeds in my new greenhouse (I converted my back porch) which was a super enjoyable activity.

As well, I updated my website to include several new in person workshops which are planned to occur this spring and into summer.  I do love to be with others in person and facilitate their own creative artistic flow...

Everything feels like it's too online these days and the world has gone even more crazy.  I find myself enjoying simple activities such as cooking (I love baking quiche at the moment, delicious!) and gardening (indoors for now but in a month or too I'll be out in the garden preparing vegetable beds).  Making art is also always good to do although I've been less active in my studio lately than I'd prefer.  That will change in the coming weeks and months, especially with in person workshops about to happen locally here.

Wherever you may be, I do wish you peace within first and foremost; crazy times in the world yes, but you can find that inner quietude in the midst of it.  Having a sanctuary helps, either your home or a room in your home, or you can find it if you go out in nature.

Stay calm and creative,




Fast Changing Times         3 November, 2022

Dear Creative Soul, how are you doing?  What times these are, holy moly!  These are fast changing times and as such I am endeavouring to make my own creative changes... I find myself wanting to disconnect from being so 'online everything' even though in some ways (for the time being) it's still a great way to stay connected with fellow creatives.  However I am being drawn into a more simple and real way of being; one that is more tangible and less virtual.  So I've been doing less instagram posts and I cannot say right now if I will indeed be offering more online art workshops or whether I am only going to

be offering in person workshops from now on (stay tuned and we'll find out). 

Whereas I once began my day over breakfast with a new insta post, I now begin each morning noticing the sunrise and having breakfast with one of my many sufi books, enjoying spiritual wisdom from long ago mystics while I sip my coffee and munch on my toast.  I am becoming a little more quiet and slowing down (the online world is so fast and distracting) - and this helps me align with spirit.  With a deeper inner listening, I am then able to respond in a new and fresh way to what I am drawn to do - as opposed to what I have been doing or what I thought I had to do... In this way I am able to stay flexible in these changing times and find my own flow, my own way, being naturally drawn away from AI and back to the real.  However I am still spending some of my time online in order to create a series of artsy journal books and that is exciting!  The first one will be available by the end of this month, just in time for Christmas shopping... The books are an offering of what I feel I do when I'm at my best, which is being of creative service in a way that inspires and uplifts the spirit of others... It was beloved Rumi who said, "Respond to every call that excites your spirit" and I do feel fortunate to even have such energetic passion for anything in this dystopian world (just sayin).  I also don't know if I will do any more blog posts after this one, I may be turning into what I once beseeched from spirit many years ago; a stay at home artist and author... For that's what I'm doing these days, working on my art journal books or painting in my studio or getting tactile with some other creative project at home, far from the madding crowd since I left city life (highly recommended).

And so dear ones, feel free to check back here from time to time to see what's new and meanwhile may you find your way in these unsettling times, to stay creative, to stay calm, to cultivate peace within - and something funky and fun without (my upcoming art journal books may help you with that).

Best wishes to you!





Inspo Overload!                             18 August, 2022

Time for a new blog post and indeed I am in inspo overload mode right now, exploding with creative ideas... all good, need to remember to relax my shoulders and breathe... mmm, ok... So I'm currently awaiting my first book in print to arrive and once I proof that copy, I can make it available for sale! It is a co-creative art journal book and I'm excited to be able to offer that out there to the world soon. 

I am also in the middle of converting my garage here at my new country abode in Northern Alberta into a funky arts & crafts studio space - and will then start offering some in person art workshops - and maybe a weekend retreat too.  And also I am finalizing my plans for several upcoming online zoom art workshops, yep they're coming back!  So I'm a busy little creative bee...

Stay tuned and check in often to see what's on offer and newly available - I'm now posting more often on my insta so be sure to follow along.

In these strange and difficult times, being creative is still my go to - always was anyway - but now it's even more sacred and meaningful... a way to create your own  world... it is healing, fun and simply wonderful.  Join me soon via my art journals or workshops, and as always stay inspired and keep on creating...



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Springing Up!                             29 May, 2022

I've now moved to my dream cottage here in the wilds of Alberta and I'm super loving it.  The air is so fresh, so much green and different shades of it, new sounds (the birds!) new everything...

This pic is a work in progress snapshot from the garden where I'm in the midst of creating some organic raised veggie beds... Typical Sagittarius, I have many arrows flying mid air right now such as painting inside the cottage and getting some reno's done - I always seem to require French doors somewhere and of course a wood stove! - and many other little projects.  And then I can start painting again in my studio...  

Spring is a wonderful time to move to a new home and allow new creativity to burst forth alongside nature's wonderful show.  I've been enjoying not being online so much - the real world (nature) and being with others in the flesh is so much more rewarding..

Wishing you all a wonderful springtime in the northern hemisphere - and creative inspo wherever you may be!

Shanti   💜🙏

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The end of winter...                        17 March, 2022

It's been a while since I uploaded a blog post and here in Alberta the snow is finally starting to melt... now there is birdsong and spring in the air once again. 

I am planning to move out of the city and into the countryside next month which is pretty exciting!  Once I'm settled into my new rural location I can get busy with all the plans I have which include creating more online art workshop offerings and - most wonderfully - some in-person art & soul type weekend retreats!  Right here in beautiful Alberta... I'll be posting more often on insta again now too, so you can keep updated if you follow me there, or just keep checking back here on the website to find out what's coming up.

Meanwhile, stay creative,

Shanti   💜🙏

country road.jpg

Time to transition...                                  10 November, 2021

Things are changing around here and I'm relocating to a more natural setting in the near future.  Whilst things are 'mid air' so to speak, I'm not running the online classes - for one thing the internet is not always the best when you're in the countryside and I want to make sure I'm all set before offering more of them.  

I am so looking forward to starting a whole new chapter and with that, discovering new inspiration for what creative things I'd like to offer.   

It's possible I will be able to offer some in person rural art & soul type retreats - stay tuned for what's coming up in the future.

Meanwhile, keep your vibe high, stay inspired and enjoy creating your own peaceful flow in life... 

Until next time,



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Unleash yourself...                               16 July, 2021

If you have never painted on a big canvas (or other big surface) you don't know what you're missing.  Painting BIG will bust your fears, will see them disperse like willow the wisp on a windy day, pouff, gone... It is indeed a most liberating and energizing thing to do - painting wild and free on a large surface, it's so much fun!

But what if you've never painted big before?  What if you've never even painted before?  Pooh-bah, no worries I say!  Like any new adventure, it helps so much to have a guide and Ta Da, here I am... here I am to guide others on their own

sumptuous creative path... We have all been blessed with different gifts to offer others in this nutso world and as the years and decades roll by I am ever more certain that this is mine - to share the joy of creativity and it's so much more juicy and multi-levelled than that, verily I say unto you, tis true!  Art mirrors life...  Painting big means you will overcome fears, you will have breakthroughs, you'll  feel empowered, liberated - and this carries over into other aspects of your life.  

What are you waiting for, grab your chance to enjoy yourself like you did when you were a kid.  Forget about your worldly worries for a couple of hours a week at least, while you participate in an online art workshop with me as your guide and fellow creative souls to help give you courage and inspiration on your own Cosmic Paintastic journey.

Love and creativity,


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Finding your flow...                                 11 April, 2021

There are psychologists who define the word 'flow' saying it is when you are "in a state of complete immersion in an activity" but they are speaking about a very surface, mental level ( it all sounds rather dry) and there are in fact, much deeper, lovelier,  juicier levels of  flow just waiting for you to discover them!

As someone who has practiced both meditation and artistic activities for several decades, I have long been aware that they go together hand in hand - and that you don't have to sit cross-legged, watching how crazy your mind is, in order to reap the well known relaxation and well-being benefits of meditation...

When you are lost in artistic creativity, you're naturally able to enter into other realmy zones in which your right brain is activated and magical happenings abound, both within and without.  The secret is to not be result oriented...

In the enormously crazy times on the planet right now, I have been so glad to have my art studio as a sanctuary in which to happily get lost into these deeper levels; leaving the world and surface level of life for something much deeper, full of colour and magical flowy happenings.  

In my online workshops I endeavour to share this love of process over result; to enable the discovery of the value of play and to show how easy it is to get into that creative all deeper flow, to let it take you deeper. 

If you've never tried mixed media intuitive art workshops, you're welcome to join me online and see what I mean!  A certain amount of structure, guidance and lots of demo's are all you need to find your own style of intuitive mixed media magic - and within all my workshops you are able to find that unique expression and deeper flow.

I'm looking forward to rolling out the wallpaper soon for the 'Wallpaper Tapestry' online workshop, it's one of the best for really getting into this other worldly kind of zone of which I'm speaking.  

May you find your creative flow in whatever you do!

Until next time,




Wise Woman                                19 January, 2021

I love this image, which speaks to me of the archetype of the Wise Woman in how she looks so calm, centered and one with the natural world.  It's definitely the direction I am moving towards this year which includes finding a path less trodden in this world and possibly moving out of the city in order to manifest that in life in a much greater way.  But no matter where we live, becoming more in tune with the natural world is a worthy pursuit given a time when so many of us spend so much time online.  

Going outside every day for a walk or spending time in the garden (weather permitting) for even twenty minutes is so good for our health and well-being.

Here in Alberta, Canada, it gets very cold in the winter, but as long as I rug up warmly enough I can usually manage a short walk every day and it's one of my goals from now on.  

When you're on your walk, become more aware of nature; hear and see the birds, notice the changes on the trees and plants - this simple act of noticing is all it takes to begin to attune to what is always in a peaceful natural state.  

This kind of simple wisdom can stretch and extend into other areas of life and is independent of the world and it's craziness.  Taking care of ourselves can also mean dressing in a way that brings a sense of inner quiet happiness and often it's just a little more awareness that will see us easily making that extra effort to dress in a way that's comfortable and feels just right, even if we are spending the day at home alone (apart from that daily walk).  

To me, becoming a Wise Woman means bringing a higher awareness into the practicalities of life and includes all the little details.  It's how you do anything and how you do everything.  When we bring awareness to how we do the tiniest of details in life, we will find that taking care of the bigger things will also be easier and more graceful - it is something I practice every day and it alchemizes the mundane into something higher...  We can only share with others what we truly have within and for me that starts with a deep inner peace and a sense of bringing my higher self into this earth walk.  The more we do this individually the greater the effect on the collective.

I am also bringing more of this knowledge into my art practice and the workshops I lead - check out the upcoming Soul Sister Retreat for real time group inspo and sisterly camaraderie.

Wishing all my soul sisters out there much courage and inspiration to step into the wise women that we truly are,

Until next time,




Welcoming a New Year                30 December, 2020

As this challenging, life altering year comes to a close, I am pondering what I've learnt from it.  Primarily it feels like I've grown up a lot and I think all hardships and difficulties present that sort of opportunity.  To not be in some sort of childish inner foot-stomping about what is out of my control and instead to dig deeper into my inner resources of calm and creativity...

Practically I've learned how to teach my online workshops from home and now I love doing it that way.  I also hope that things open up again as I'd love to do more in-person workshops and retreats, but that's not for right now.  Instead today - a full moon! - I launched the Soul Sisters Retreat and it was a labour of love to put it together...

This past year I've had a lot more time to ponder what it is that I really want to offer in my workshops and retreats and increasingly it has been to incorporate what I've learned spiritually into teaching intuitive art techniques and practices.  In this latest offering I am pleased that it's really coming together that way - and this process of finding how a deeper art practice can reflect into all areas of one's life is something I've been working on for about fifteen years.  My earliest workshops in Australia were called, 'Painting from Within' and even earlier, when I was at art school obtaining my Bachelor of Art degree, my written essays were on things such as, 'Artist as Shaman'.  Everything we do here on the mundane Earth plane can be infused with a much higher plane, and it is this art of discovering our deeper and true inner nature that means the most to me.  As such, to infuse my own art practice with this deeper connectivity and then to share this higher knowledge with others is more meaningful to me than any other kind of work I could be doing.  

We live in such extraordinary times when our future also feels uncertain and it's difficult to plan anything - yet that also invites us to be more simply, deeply present in our daily lives.  Without becoming more deeply present we are not even truly here!  

Another aspect of my work is to bring like-minded people together, primarily that's women - it seems we are the ones most drawn to express ourselves creatively (it was so in all my in-person workshops as well, about 95% were women) and I love the support and inspiration that comes from women who are being creative together, every time.

Having meaningful work is a blessing and having put this latest retreat together I have something beautiful to look forward to in 2021.  I hope you can join me and kindred soul sisters next year, just around the corner now...

Until next time,




Oracle card artwork, Shanti George, 2020

Authentic freedom                                  16 December, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it means to live your life with true authenticity?  As I have gotten older my understanding of this has deepened, liberating me from many false beliefs; realizing that if something spoken doesn't deeply resonate with me, then adhering to it (blindly believing it) will not free me, on the contrary it will keep me enslaved in some form of illusion.

To me these two things; being authentic and having real freedom, go hand in hand and life brings us the opportunity to discover this, to live it, to choose it.  Sadly many people choose an outer authority to tell them what is true and it has been part of the programme on this planet for a long time; to unquestioningly believe what someone else tells you (especially if they're wearing a suit, just sayin'). 

To regain our ability to directly Know the truth; to have a deep inner sense of what is real and true and what isn't, requires an inner quietude and learning to reconnect with this deeper sense in life.  

There are some simple clues to know the truth of something and the deeper you go with this, the more liberating it becomes.  If something is deeply true it gives a sense of calm, of relaxation, of peace... We do not need to hold onto any beliefs when we trust our own deeper sense within, when we follow that because we know the truth of it and the deep value of living that way. This, to me, is true authentic freedom and so alchemically good it will turn your life golden, from the inside outwards...

No-one can control us or make us believe something untrue without first making us feel fearful and separate.  In truth we are neither - but to undo this false programme, we must do the work so to speak, to change our inner make up, so that we are all aligned with truth.  The more we do this inner work, the more we are nourished; for truth heals and nourishes us, from the inside out.  To ask ourselves if we truly know the truth of something before blindly believing it and taking it to heart, especially if that choice makes us feel fearful or hardens our hearts, is the beginning of liberation - it is the great return.

We are living through extraordinary times in which the choices we make and how we conduct ourselves has a far reaching impact.  In returning to our heart's wisdom; our true inner authority; we can free ourselves and lead by example in the most quiet and simple way.  To live a life of authenticity is freedom from fear, freedom to love - and it uplifts us all.

I will be sharing more of my own spiritual journey and what works to enable this kind of true liberation; how to attune to our heart's wisdom & more in a new 'Soul Sisters Retreat' which is coming soon!  This new online retreat will open up the potential for a deeper understanding of creative freedom & true togetherness, using guided meditation, artful practice & sweet 'circle' sharing to attune to what truly nourishes and liberates us all.  Being creative together using the Zoom format is a wonderful way to stay connected and uplifted on our spiritual journey.

Stay tuned for when registration opens! (& follow me on instagram to catch the early bird pricing).  And if you enjoyed this blog post please leave a comment on my instagram, positive comments uplift us too!

Til next time, happy creating...



blog 2.jpg

A Creative Life...                                            3 December, 2020

What does this mean to you, to live a creative life?  For me it means being free to think outside the box and to not be limited by what's considered normal (or even 'new normal').   I'm not just speaking of creating arts and crafts but more generally in terms of how you live, how you dress and all the other myriad little choices we make on a daily basis.

To me, a creative life is always exploring something new and, in being willing to go past our comfort zone and societal norms, it can feel quite exciting! (and a bit wobbly too at times).  However, it is this enlivenment that is key to a creative life - real growth happens outside our familiar ways of being and living.

In my intuitive art workshops I am sometimes gently pushing and inviting this kind of exploration within the format of an art class and it's what I love about the intuitive process to art making - it's a great way to expand into newness...

For many people what inhibits such creative exploration is nothing but a belief they hold to, perhaps not even consciously and yet it does not truly serve them at all.  In letting go of limiting beliefs about ourselves we are free to try something new, something that seems like it might be fun and good; a way in which we can walk on new ground.  This kind of uplifting and refreshing change can occur in tiny ways and also much bigger ways - there are so many opportunities to live creatively and in greater alignment with our higher selves.

In my art studio I love the beginning layers of a mixed media piece as it's where I can really let go and just play; enjoying the world of colour and different art products and attuning to a deeper flow of creativity.  This year has deepened my creative flow in the studio and in my workshops and although it's been difficult it's provided many opportunities and had me thinking in new ways about so many things - I'm sure I'm not alone there!

I'm currently working on a brand new offering which will begin in the new year and should go up on the website in the next week or so, an online art retreat like no other!  I will post when registration's open for that on my instagram.

Until next time,



blog 1.jpg

Soul Vision Board, Shanti George, 2020

Feed Your Soul...                 24 November, 2020

Although I do a daily post on Instagram it feels right today to begin something new and I'm fairly excited to begin to share more with you here on my new Soul Sister Blog.  What I want to share more of is what matters to me, which is all about combining spirituality with meaningful creativity.  Basically that's what I'm all about and that's what my art workshops are increasingly about as well.


Generally speaking, artists are not particularly valued by this world, hence the term 'starving artist' (I rest my case).   I struggled for many years to get into my own art practice in a 'serious way' and by serious I don't mean being focused on fame or fortune, I simply mean making time for it and putting it before such things as making money or doing what anyone says I can or should do.  To be a real artist in this world takes courage and commitment.  As such, my workshops are designed to encourage, inspire and support others in their own creative unfoldment. 

I know it's 'my thing' to run these workshops; it fills me up, it's just true, I just know.  My own art practice and the workshops I teach have continued to evolve along with me in a more personal way, for the past 15 years.  As I learn what works and what doesn't - what feeds my soul and what doesn't - then I'm able to share it with others.  It all takes a certain amount of courage, firstly to be creative in this world, then to make it part of your daily nourishment and bring it to life.  Perhaps not everyone is meant to be artistic or creative; but I think of little children and how they all love to paint and draw, and almost everyone I've ever asked has admitted that they loved doing artsy things when they were little.  As adults we stop doing it for a variety of reasons, including the main one that it is not considered a worthy thing to do, generally speaking.  However as I get older it's all I want to do!  To do what's true and has meaning and most of all to do that which truly feeds my soul.  To be free of  fear, to relax and enjoy mixed media creativity, to paint my heart and soul and to share the joy of that with others.  Doing a job you don't like and all the other things we do in life that we don't enjoy does not nourish us - and we all need nourishment; the deeper kind; the kind of nourishment that reaches deeply into us and nurtures from the inside out.  As such, my workshops are a lot about finding that deeper, easy, relaxed flow, rekindling how to play...  It takes some time and commitment - and because as artists we are overwhelmingly alone in our creative endeavours, when we do it in a group, magic happens, pure and simple.  It works and the relaxation and deeper flow that you can learn to reconnect to through your art practice will seep into all other areas of your life.  I once awoke with these words in my head (it was a message from Spirit), "Cherish the artist in you on this Earth plane."  And ever since that day I have increasingly done so with absolutely no regrets  what. so. ever.  

My workshops are often designed to cover 3 or more weeks as this helps to build that 'creative muscle' so to speak and the more that kind of deep nurture can occur and those beliefs that stop us from making the time to be creative can be eroded at the same time - we need to remember how good it feels to play, to enjoy colour, to forget about our worries and enter into a very different stream; one that feeds us more deeply...  Once that creative spark's been rekindled then it's good to keep it aflame and to nurture it by doing it regularly - and in that, having a supportive place in which to allow that process is key (even an online supportive place such as my online workshops).


So many people believe they're not creative - it's not true - we just need the right environment to get that beautiful sparkle back and being creative returns it to us.  Taking an online art workshop provides the know-how as well as support (which gives a sense of self empowerment) as well as having a teacher to guide you on your own personal creative evolution, which is why all my workshops are 'live' and not pre-recorded.  When I teach, I am not just teaching how to be creative from a purely practical point of view, I include a lot to help us relax and tune into the process in a way that nurtures us.  For example, at the start of our creative session I lead everyone in a mini meditation, although only a few minutes long, it's just enough to help us all relax, become more present and begin to attune differently...  Our world is so result oriented and that is not the way, it does not lead to real happiness. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my inaugural blog post - more shall come as and when I feel the urge (I'll probably do a new blog post about once a week or so). If you're not already following me on instagram please do so, as that's where you'll see when I make new workshops available and also when I offer freebies! 

Til next time,

Happy creating...




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