I have been doing oracle readings for over twenty years for family and friends - and have now begun doing them online for everyone!  Having created each card myself gives the deck a unique perspective and meaning - cards with images and messages you simply won't find elsewhere...

Wow, Shanti. My eyes are full of emotion when reading this.  I feel like crying! I can't help but feel this is my gorgeous mother. What timing! She's the epitome of heart connection. Beautiful! Thank you so much!  


 Karyn, USA

Thank you Shanti for my delightful and insightful reading.  It truly provided one of those great Aha moments!

Kiah - W. Australia

I've really enjoyed Shanti’s card for the day when she has picked it for me on many occasions. They are precious guidance using Shanti’s intuitive knowing. They are such beautiful cards, handmade with such love and thoughtfulness.

Always a pleasure.

Sally, UK

This deck has been been created with a focus of higher knowledge and is imbued with deeper meaning - perfect for the fast changing and challenging times in the world right now!  There are a few cards which are more light-hearted and some which would correlate to the major arcana of the tarot; more weighty and important messages for you...

Shanti connected with my energy and picked the perfect oracle card for where my spirit is residing at this time. Each beautiful card contains many hidden possibilities and meanings, but Shanti spoke clearly of what they particularly mean for me at this time and how to use this for my own attunement.  Thank you!

Karen, USA

Shanti's oracle card reading was spot on for what my current energies were.  I felt positive and uplifted from it, like the guidance of my higher self came through. Thank you!

Personal Oracle Reading (C$7)

General reading (recommended) or you may specify an area in your life in which you'd like more clarity, i.e. relationship, work or well-being.  I will tune into you and pull a single card which I will then email to you, together with the meaning of this card as it comes through specifically for you.  To book this oracle reading please click here.

Past, Present, Future (C$10)

General reading (recommended) or themed.

I will tune into you and pull 3 cards relating to your past, your present and your future.  Each card is unique and will hold a special personal meaning for you and your life.  I will email the cards to you along with your reading as it relates to each card in sequence for you.  To book this oracle reading please click here.

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