Create and connect during a collaborative Paint Together Session that suits you...


Choose from an individual private session and create an intuitive painting with me - or come with your partner, your date, your child, your family or a small group - and paint a large canvas to take home!

You need absolutely no prior art experience - it is my delight to show you how easy it is to make an intuitive painting that is vibrant and fun to make and to look at.

I will provide everything you need and you can choose the size of the canvas you'd like to paint on or leave it all up to me - and together we will paint a large canvas, such as 36x38" using quality acrylic paints.


During the session I will be directing you as you tune in, chill out, have fun and let the magic flow! 


A collaborative Paint Together Session costs $295 - including all materials - and lasts for

about 3 hours, including a break for refreshments and reflection.

This is for 1-5 people - for larger groups please contact me to discuss.


I will be on hand every step of the way to guide and direct your painting so that you are happy with the process and with the end result.  

Contact me to plan a creative and collaborative art session that is perfect for you.

Email me directly at

Let's make some magic on canvas happen together...

At the end of the session I will attach a wire at the back of the painting so it will be all ready for you to hang on the wall.  

© 2019 Shanti George

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